Why Phoney? Stay connected. Be Anonymous. Phoney Phone Numbers take pride in being used to:

One Phone - Multiple Numbers

Share your Phoney number with anyone and keep your real number safe. Get as many numbers as you like without multiple SIM cards and there's no limit!

Short or Long-term. No Contracts

Reduce obligations arising from contracts.

You have a temporary throwaway mobile number Short or long term. No carrier contracts


This awesome app allows you to connect your Phonet number to other apps, like Google, Slack, SoundCloud, Dropbox, and Evernote.

Text SMS & MMS Features

Anonymous calling and texting, picture and video messages withing United Kingdom, Canada, and America.

Full Phone Features

Every Number is real with local area codes. Keep the number as long as you want. You can also throw it away anytime, like magic.

Amazing Control

Access your address book, manage SMS and ringer notifications for each number

View and Manage history of all your phoney numbers

  • Disposable Numbers

    Dont want to give your real phone number? Use an anonymous, disposable tempary phoney number, you can give out instead

  • Business Numbers

    startup business using your private cellular phone. Especially during family events, you would sometimes want to be free of work concerns; This is when you have to deal with sales staff and folks you have to interact with for reasons other than personal matters

  • Relationships

    Connections to apps, such as Google, SoundCloud, Dropbox and others can help you maintain a good relationship with your wife and children wherever you may be. In fact, some people about to be married use Phoney to give as their contact number for their marriage dealings and day of the ceremony.

  • Transactions

    This is when you desire to interact with persons for just a short time, like those on Freelancer, eBay, Amazon, Craigslist or other online establishments.

  • Job hunts

    This applies to occasions when you need to distinguish if an inward call exists from a probable employer or require an area code aimed at out-of-state work applications;

    *Regular data and roaming charges apply if using wireless data networks. Please check with your service provider.
  • Dating online

    Phoney is perfect when you wish to impart a phone number to somebody you've just met and really not very familiar with for the moment;

    *SMS only available in US, Canada, and UK
Phoney Features

Add new Phoney numbers, as many as you like

These numbers are not random phone numbers. Every number is real with local area codes you can utilise for calls, texts and voicemail to stay in touch with anyone. Phoney is an app that allows you to send and receive text messages and calls from nameless, disposable mobile numbers.


Phoney Connections

This awsome app allows you to connect your Phone numbers to other apps, like Google, Slack, SoundCloud, Dropbox, and Evernote.

With Phoney, you can use your phone or monile number via:

  • Dropbox – to automatically store texts, pictures and voice mails.
  • Evernote – to set up a notebook, and if someone texts your number, they can use it like an SMS bot, and sending commands to retrieve information.
  • Google – to send info from your laptop or desktop to your mobile phone and automatically collect and record SMS and acquaintances to Google pages in real-time.
  • Slack – to route and respond to messages received from your team.
  • Sound Cloud – to spontaneously share voice mails or audio content.

Access your address book

Access your address book, manage SMS and ringer notifications for each number view and manage history of all your phoney numbers

What People Say About Phoney:
Nice updates!

I am nicely surprised each time I see posts on Phoney. The Google link now stores photos that are quite handy on my behalf. And also, it's a lot easier to view when text messages coming in! It likewise permits iPhone users to enjoy privacy through the setup of limited-use substitute phone numbers for calls, texts, and photos. Keep the enhancements coming!

(Xia Zheng Jones)
Phoney deserves a perfect five rating!

I'm working on small startups where we have to boost our client base faster, and thus, cold calling exists as a huge segment of that strategy. Phoney has permitted us to intensify the frequency of phone calls our people can do dramatically. We adore how simple it is to use the program and the manner we can create our personal automation keys.

I would consider the massive upsurges in calls made each day as its main virtues, besides the capability of leaving a message and sending follow-up electronic mails with simply touching of a key. What is more? I haven't observed any weakness in the app yet! I’m giving Phoney a perfect five rating in terms of value for money, ease of use, and customer support.

(Dan Konner)
The finest and real Phoney app!

I've tried numerous temporary phone number applications previously and Phoney is so far the most excellent! It's absolutely private, dependable and has countless options to frustrate specific persons to reach you. So, it does not matter if it’s a first meeting date or enlisting you as a freelancer at Upwork, you’ll be free of trepidation concerning handing out your personal phone number to anyone. I suggest you have one today.

(Someone funny, but true)
Powerful saver of precious time!

This application is giving me an extra three hours each day, plus making my tasks much simpler. If you make many phone calls at work, you will surely see the powerful capabilities of Phoney. Certainly, it is easy to use, has a nice interface, and a great saver of time that makes me love sending text messages from this app.

(Brian Launder)
Functionally fun!

I have the benefit of messing with my bosom friends, besides signing up for anything without providing my actual number. It definitely is an enhanced way of maintaining anonymity. If you haven’t tried it, check out these Phoney temporary numbers for transmitting or getting pictures, texts and calls on your smartphone. Cool!

Proposes a grand, exciting idea!

To start with, it is easy for everyday use, clean, quick and has an intuitive edge. You can choose your personal area code. As an entrepreneur, it is very helpful in my day-to-day business and personal tasks. I really admire the idea of whoever created this app. Sure does excite me to see further improvements in the app’s execution.

(Ziff Doe)

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