Hello! We're a cell software business dedicated on creating paraphernalia to endow consumers through giving them enhanced power on their communications, privacy and individuality. We're fervent about this task and would want people with the same passion join us as the need arise.

We’re located in (HQ address) and value highly every personnel’s quality work, independence, rights and belief. We seek to sustain an ethos of teamwork and education to develop both our technical and business skills. We are searching for excellent individuals who could bring their passion and skills to us. We go all-out to craft excellence within our creation and likewise want it reflecting the nature of our company. Hence, we desire people who exist both technologically strong, yet also real, unique persons. In technical stations altogether, we stay looking for persons with experience in software development and solid fundamentals in Computer Science.

As a segment of a minor collaborative group, effective interaction skills remain important. Besides, we both expect and encourage you to display ownership within our app stack. We offer excellent benefits and perks, including:

  • - (100% health coverage for staffs, dependents and domestic associates)
  • - (Creative, pet-friendly workplace in a transformed industrial structure in a bike and walk-friendly neighborhood)
  • - (Collaborative, yet autonomous, working environment, using slack and similar low-friction teamwork tools, emphasizing good exchange of ideas)
  • - (A pantry filled with great beer and coffee from local sources)

Contact Us

Feel free to contact us through:

Address: HQ 71-75 Shelton Street, Covent Garden, London, England, WC2H 9JQ

Email: phoneyme@gmail.com

Twitter: @phoneyapp?


Website: http://www.phoney.me

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