FAQs and Common Issues:

How can I use multiple phone numbers?

Having many numbers exists possible, besides being among the top reasons why people use Phoney. Just open Phoney and scroll down to the last page of the application. Then, select button for making Phoney numbers. Subject to your available phone balance, you can choose among the types of Phoney.

Provided you own enough balance, you could create numerous extra phone numbers as preferred. And to possess additional credits to purchase or prolong Phoney use, simply press the button on getting extra credits located at the nethermost part of your phone screen!

What do I do when I can't hear my voicemails?

There exists a possible issue where certain Phoney users reported being unable to make out voicemails. It concerns the audio settings of your phone to the manner Phoney was created. Take note that Phoney was drawn up to process voicemails by way of a headset or the speaker of your phone.

When it’s set on mute, this disables your phone’s speaker and the Phoney app can’t override this sound setting. So, make sure your phone’s setting isn’t in mute to hear your voicemails. We know that this could be unclear to some people and, therefore, are finding other means for Phoney users to listen to their voice messages.

What must be done when credits do not show up?

Some Phoney users experience a problem on credits purchased not shown in the total credit in the application. Troubleshoot and claim bought credits through:

Checking to ensure you exist using the newest app edition as old versions may be the reason for this occurrence.

Click the "plus" key in the bar at the bottom, then hit the arrow that manually refreshes the app update.

If nothing happens, please contact Phoney’s support group by using the contact sheet. If possible, please attach a duplicate of your proof of purchase or receipt to assist us to answer your query as fast as probable.

How can I identify my callers?

When you get a call through your Phoney, it stays directed to your existing phone number, besides showing up by way of your Phoney giving you a call. Then again, you could receive a notice that informs you whenever a number phones up and the person calling before the number is presented as ringing you up.

Through an iPhone - Turn on the push notifications for you to receive notices before getting the calls from your Phoney. This alert shows who is giving you a call.

Through an Android - Ensure “Rings,” below your Phoney number, is turned on. In this manner, you get notified, besides being able to get the call. “Rings” stays found within the bottom bar’s “More Options” as the final icon.

Be certain that whenever the menu stands open, it states “Disable Rings” to denote that “Rings” exist turned on. Kindly explain the “No Active Phoney” note Sporadically, reports on working Phoneys display this message. This happens for some reasons with the highly common cause is because of phone connectivity loss. When this happens, check that you possess a functioning phone network link. Please take note that, sometimes, a phone tries to link with an inoperative or password-protected wireless internet connection within the surroundings.

Should this be the case, Phoney will attempt to link over this inoperative network in place of your standard phone facility. Thus, restart Phoney. You can turn off Phoney by clicking twice your home button and maintaining the Phoney icon till all icons start to shake. Then, click the subtraction sign on the Phoney icon.

Once this procedure is over and done with, reopen your Phoney. If you still see the same message, through our contact form, transmit to us your data. Make sure the info you submit us is complete, so we could look into your account and assist you quickly.

How can I reinstall Phoney?

From time to time, things erroneously affect app files causing various issues. To resolve this, simply install Phoney again. The question, however, is what transpires on your history and data. To have them restored, you have to purchase Phoney again to reinstall it.

You must verify your mobile number once more to make sure that all your working Phoneys and history be reinstated. In addition, confirm clearly that you successfully synced your mobile since you bought Phoney. Otherwise, you’ll have to pay the charged twice. Bear in mind that this is something we cannot refund and requires you to directly get in touch with Apple. For the Phoney app, what is its carrier?

Usually, your carrier and phone number are required when using Phoney to contract services. The carrier is the name of the phone facility you use, such as AT+T, T-Mobile, Verizon and many others. You also need a working mobile phone facility for Phoney to properly work!

How could I retrieve on my brand new mobile phone my Phoney account?


When you own another or new phone number, you may want to transfer your Phoney account to it. You can do this through sending in your new and previous numbers accompanied by a proof of your most recent Phoney credit bought on the account to be transferred from. My phone keeps telling me to confirm my cellular number through encoding the confirmation code communicated to me. Despite encoding the right code for nearly a dozen times, it simply stays requesting for a confirmation.

How do I resolve this issue?

Since Phoney is exclusively available in the United States, Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom, be certain that the phone's zonal code is in any of those nations. To do this on:

iOS – Go to Settings, then General, proceed to Language and Region, and Region.

Android – Go to Settings and then Language and Keyboard.

It's essential that this arrangement is accurate on your mobile phone before any confirmation can get through. Once you have set that, try once more!

Finally, if you have any question, problem or suggestion to make Phoney better, feel free to let us know through writing us or sharing it on the website! You can also do this through our Contact Us page. Just make sure to fill in the required fields, such as name and a valid email address to post a community question and send us an email.

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